Hans Kelling Art

I love the beauty of the world and enjoy capturing it in my paintings.
Welcome to my world and I hope you enjoy!

My Paintings


Below you will see a few of my favorites. Please click on the image to see a larger version! Click on “View More” to go to my Portfolio Page.

Painting allows me to convey my perceptions and interpretations of the magnificent world around me, using colored oils and canvas to bring to life that which is difficult to express through words alone. I marvel and stand in awe of the prime creator.

“We make a mark on the canvas and when we look back, we see something that seemingly was not there a moment ago. And there is that miracle: by virtue of making marks, we have created ourselves a tiny bit more – and we actually can see more, feel more, because we have become more, by that tiny bit”.  — Jerry Fresia

A Look Inside my world

I love to paint nature.

Most of my inspiration comes from nature and the world around me. I feel comfortable in nature, it feels as if I belong. I can look with wonder and awe and take it all in with feelings of reverence and gratitude. Witnessing such magnificent creations gives me inspiration to create myself.

A Devotional I Delivered at BYU

The Contemplation of Beauty: An Avenue to Communication with the Lord

July 9, 1985 • Devotional

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